Thursday, June 2, 2011

Capitol Police Break Up Art Resurrection

Artists upset with Gov. Brownback's line item veto of funding for the Kansas Arts Commission, gathered at the Capitol this afternoon. Capitol police soon intervened, but not before an impromptu Art Resurrection was performed. The group handed out a flyer (text below) to explain their purpose. On the reverse of the flyer was a take-off on a popular iPod advertisement with John Brown holding a fiddle and paint brushed under the text iSupport the Kansas Arts Commission.

You’ve heard the story-

The B-back disparaged me and called me names,
said I was unimportant.
He tried to abolish me, but was turned back by his own
party in an embarrassing defeat.

He fired my allies and stripped me of my supplies, but the
People would not be silenced and soon my name and modest
budget were reinstated.

So then, in a desperate and cowardly last ditch effort and
Hiding behind a long weekend, he tried to kill me once and
for all with a line-item veto.

He probably thought that would be the end, but we know
better, Governor…

You can’t kill Art.

Art lives! And will be here long after we sign your pink
slip to talking-headland.