Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Creative Arts Industries announces new grants

Below is the description of and links to the KCAIC's newly announced grant programs. All the text is taken directly from the Department of Commerce website.

Creative Economy Project Support
The Creative Economy Project Support program provides funding to help communities and organizations complete initiatives addressing a wide variety of goals and objectives. Projects may be funded at either the planning or implementation stage. This highly competitive program supports initiatives that encourage dynamic partnerships between public, private, and cultural sectors that create jobs, generate real income, promote economic development, revitalize communities, and draw cultural tourists. Creative Economy Project initiatives must leverage the assets of the creative sector that are intrinsic in Kansas communities to improve a community’s economic conditions, generate real income and enhance the quality of life. Applications will be considered from communities/regions with a strong commitment to inter-sector collaboration that seeks to strengthen the creative assets of their community.

Possible initiatives may include:

  • Creative Districts/Regions
  • Regional Branding
  • Creative Facilities
  • Cultural Tourism Product Development
Click here for more details regarding the Creative Economy Project Support program.

Creative Arts Industry Incentives

Incentivizes creative enterprises looking to locate or expand in Kansas.

Investments can be used for:

  • Expansion of workforce to include additional FTEs in creative occupations
  • Capital investment in the construction of a new facility or significant expansion or alteration to an existing facility
  • Purchase equipment and materials to expand or improve an applicant’s organization
  • Training of existing employees on new technologies that will allow for increased revenue and an expanded client base, the training of new employees on existing technologies that allow for the hiring of current Kansas citizens, or the training and education of future employees using creative arts integrated programs to address emerging technologies, areas of skills shortages, and STEM curricula resulting in opportunities for increased student success and workforce readiness
Click here for more details regarding Creative Arts Industry Incentives.